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2021 Beneficiaries

Founded in 2004, HOME is a Singapore-based charity dedicated to empowering and supporting migrant workers who experience abuse and exploitation. HOME provides immediate crisis intervention as well as education and training programmes to enhance the wellbeing and employment prospects of migrant workers. They assist and advocate on behalf of survivors of human trafficking and forced labour, and promote the diverse voices of migrant workers through outreach projects and public education. The charity operates a number of specialised helpdesks for those seeking assistance, and also runs a shelter, offering a place of refuge for vulnerable domestic workers 


Limitless is a non-profit organisation that provides mental health support and therapy for youths aged 12-25, as well as public education and training for youths, parents, educators, and professionals. In addition to research and advocacy, Limitless runs a mental health support helpline, provides ongoing counselling and casework services, career guidance support, and group outreach programmes for youths who have limited or no access to mental health services. Over the past year, Limitless has seen a sharp increase in the number of young people seeking support. The number has grown from 373 in 2020 to over 650 so far in 2021. With this significant jump in cases, Limitless is currently struggling to find sufficient funding to expand their clinical team.



The Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC) set up by AWARE provides free services to those who have experienced sexual assault, helping them deal with their experiences and make decisions about their next steps. These include counselling, legal advice, or just a listening ear. AWARE is a registered charity, and Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group. AWARE works to identify and eliminate barriers through research and advocacy, education and training, and support services. Since its formation in 1985, AWARE has carried out research into numerous issues affecting women, including workplace sexual harassment, poverty of older women and Singapore’s compliance with UN anti-gender discrimination standards.